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September Round Up- RPGS and RTCs

I haven’t posted for a while so here’s a quick round up of what’s been going on in the world of Finn

RPG Stuff
We’ve finished the most recent story arc of Rogier’s epic D&D campaign with my stoic old veteran Alaric Helm and his stalwart companion Lia the half elf misanthropist/ranger (a non standard dual class) defending the border realms of men from a goblin invasion.   We’ll be returning there soon after a spell of me running Blades in the Dark for them – a more supernaturally focussed visit to Doskvol as their characters are a Whisper/Leech team faking seances and selling magically infused dream potions to the wealthy and decadent.
My other Blades in the Dark campaign is less esoterically focussed with the HellRunner Corp of smugglers dividing their time between hunting down a serial killer in Crowsfoot (now revealed to be an Iruvian diplomat who is being shipped out of the city by his superiors) and getting involved with the machinations of the dreaded Izing Consortium a shadow…

History May Not Repeat, But Often Rhymes

Those old men in their towers, rich in gold and oil and powers  
Will never cry 'enough, I'm satisfied'
And they send out their town criers, and their skilful journaliars
And they cast their spell so trusted and so tried

See the other, over there? What they're doing is unfair
And their ways are wrong and evil and obscene
We must fear them and must hate them, and completely decimate them
For while they live the world is never clean

So they'll march boys off to war as they've marched them off before
And they beat the drums of falsehood and of shame
And if judgement's to be had between what's good and bad
then first you need to ask the killer's name