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One from the (secret) vaults.

Yesterday I mentioned to a friend that before “A Step Beyond Context” I’d been working on a novel set in an early-Victorian magical subculture in England – but that I’d abandoned it because I couldn’t get the pacing right and it was too long and drawn out.I decided to dig it out just to take another look at it (and show off some of the good ideas lurking in there) and discovered that I’d already redrafted it, sorted out the pacing and made it a lot narrower in focus and a better work as a result.I have no memory of doing that.  At all.  And it’s about 75,000 words.   I was not in a good place (as they say) at the time but even so you’d think I would have remembered at least doing something.   Maybe the fairies did it overnight in exchange for me leaving out saucers of milk.I had a good time reading through it but was baffled.

Lamentations of 1666

Now that I’ve discovered the Homebrewery I’m getting carried away with prettying up some otherwise drab notes and handouts.This link HERE will take you to a work in progress document that summarises (so far) the 17th century apocalyptic Europe setting I’m working on, and also a sample antagonist that fits (the dreaded Inquisitors and their minions)

The Blackspire Horror

I recently wrote and ran a very simple one-shot for Lamentations of the Flame Princess and it went well.   Rather than write up the adventure as a module with GM advice, suggestions for play etc, I’m just uploading my actual notes from which any GM worth her salt should be able to improvise around the player’s choices and their characters actions.   In the adventure I ran the end turned out very differently to the most likely outcome as one of the party realised that her only chance of saving her downed allies from the dreadful undead was to make a deal with the devil…Anyway, make of it what you will – The Blackspire Horror

Bare Handed

Every empire falls and there’s not a one that’s lasted,
A state has an expiry date, and yours has blown right past it
It happened to us once and soon you’ll join us in the wreckage
Your influence is fucked your credibility is lessened
Made enemies of friends and you suck up to dictators
You brag about your bombs but you’ll only devastate us
With a tanked e-conomy and a trade war that’s not needed
And tariffs on the borders making headlines for the readers
Of the press – If I can call them press cos really that’s a joke
They’re a propaganda outlet for the racist redneck volk
“He’s a tough guy, he’ll make the country great again”
Bullshit, he’s a moron, and you’re going down the drain
All his goons investigated for fraud and for collusion
And he fornicated porn stars, cos his marriage is illusion
It almost made me numb to all the stories that kept breaking
At how fucking dumb a nation gets when it’s mistaken
In choosing an orangutan to try and run the country
He’s a moron not a politic…