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Bride of the Rat King–an adventure for Barbarians of Lemuria

Bride of the rat kingMy new adventure for Barbarians of Lemuria – Mythic Edition is now available free. 

Your bold heroes are engaged to investigate the disappearance of a young noblewoman in the shadowy underworld of the city of the Lich King.   Dangers, death, intrigue and some foul magic will surely await – as you would expect.

The folder includes the pdf of the adventure itself plus some .png files ready made and scaled for use as Roll20 battlemaps (the file name gives the size of Roll20 screen to create for an exact fit)

I’ve included some conversion notes for Index Card Role Playing Game the philosophy and mechanics of which have been inspiring me for a while now.

I hope you enjoy the adventure – please let me know what you think and how things go if you bring it to your table.



  1. This is really good stuff! I appreciate the ICRPG conversion.

    1. Thank you! ICRPG has inspired me in so many ways that I wanted to make sure it got included.


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