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Index Card RPG - Runehammer Games

I don't often review games - I'm usually too busy playing and find it hard to come up with things to say that aren't just lists of rules that I like or dislike, but I'm going to make an exception now and make a suggestion:

You should buy Index Card RPG.
Not so much a suggestion as an unsubtle instruction I guess.   But let me explain why.
Some time ago, no idea how, my YouTube meanderings brought me across a channel about Dungeons and Dragons - The title was as unsubtle as my suggestion - "Drunkens and Dragons - How to play D&D like a big old bad ass."    My interest piqued by the approach I watched, despite not believing anyone could tell me anything new about D&D.
Ah the folly of approaching senility.
The channel was run by one Hankerin Ferinale the nom-de-jeux of one Brandish Gilhelm whose real name is as player-character worthy as his assumed name.   Hankerin (for so I always think of him) presented a series of episodes about room design, rpg theo…

Product Recall - Sort of.


To anybody kind enough to have purchased a copy of my novel "A Step Beyond Context" - give it 24 hours and redownload it from Amazon (doesn't cost you anything more - just go to "Manage Devices and Downloads") as I've just spotted (and corrected) an egregious error in the last chapter where a character mysteriously gets a new name :P

Even more annoyingly this is something I had thought I'd previously corrected but I obviously corrected an earlier .doc file.

These things happen I know, but to get the best of the experience - give it 24 hours and redownload.

All the best

A Step Beyond Context

My first novel A Step Beyond Context is now available to download from Amazon (, .com and so on).

It's the tale of a woman who leads a variety of lives across a variety of different worlds and what happens when she walks away from the dystopian cyberpunk city where she makes her living as a mercenary computer hacker and returns to her life as a Regency lady to attend a social occasion with her family.

Once there she needs all her skills and experience to get to the bottom of an accident that might have been murder and to deal with family intrigues and secrets that could turn everything upside down.

Talking ravens and a poetic necromancer,
Jillbots and Jackbikes,
Regency Dandies and Cybered up Pit fighters,
and a pressing need for elbow length gloves.

Amazon Link

I really hope you'll enjoy it and if you do please leave a review and spread the word!