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Where is Everyone At?

For no real reason other than the growing impatience with myself for not keeping this blog updated more often I thought I'd pollute the pages with a brief run down of the campaigns I'm running at the moment.

In no particular order

Knight City Falls
(Cyberpunk - originally Fate Core, now a homebrew hack)

Grey "8.73" Stevens, quirky network troubleshooter for the Threshold Corporation has recently returned from a nerve wracking trip to the slightly less totalitarian Hong Kong on the edges of the entirely Orwellian China nearby.    There he located the oblivious daughter of the last generation's most infamous (and deceased) Netrunner who still seems to be actively attacking Threshold.

Aisha, the daughter of Grayson Mason, had fallen in with a group of activists hoping to score a propaganda coup against the regime by disseminating seditious material into a scheduled propaganda broadcast.   That whole thing was a set up of course but Grey and his team managed to save …