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Night's Online Handouts

Since the valiant heroes in my Night's Black Agents campaign ended up battered and bruised and in need of recuperation after narrowly escaping an Edom ambush, I decided to give them a bit of an information dump so that by the time they were fit to move again they had a few more leads.

In the spirit of modernity though instead of my usual faked up newspapers I decided to fake up news websites.    The trail began when a contact of theirs from Denmark, warned by them in an earlier adventure of the arrival of a military plane from the UK, contacted them with some information and relevant links.    First he let them know by text message that a source of his saw a strange container being unloaded from the transport and put on a truck heading southward...  and then on a train moving from Hamburg eastward through Budapest and Bucharest to Istanbul.

They found the rest themselves and managed to piece together a narrative...

Freak storms strike Flensburg, Neumunster, bring traffic chaos.
30 May 2016
Several areas of northern Germany experienced unusually violent rainy and stormy weather this weekend with unforeseen flooding and the closure of many roads.   The storm front moved southward from the Danish border bringing high winds and driving rain that overloaded storm drains and caused chaos to travellers.  Particularly badly hit was the area north of Neumunster  where the major A7 road was entirely closed from 19:00 until after midnight due to high water levels.   Traffic diversions onto minor roads proved unsuccessful due to the volume of traffic and the spreading floodwaters.    The extensive car parking space at the Autobahnmeisterei Neumunster was soon full to bursting and all rooms at the travel hotels were taken up.    Thankfully no major accidents were reported during this unprecedented storm and by the early morning the weather had cleared up enough that emergency measures could be lifted.

Police search for escaped patients.  “No need for public concern” – Police spokesperson
31 May 2016
Up to a dozen patients of the Dosenmoor psychiatric hospital are believed to have left the secure ward of that institution during the storms of 30 May.   The lightning storms in the area had overloaded the local power grid and the hospital lost power for approximately three hours.  It was only after power was restored that these patients were found to be missing.
Local police joined hospital staff in searching for the missing patients who were described as “no danger to the public” but who were considered themselves to be at risk due to the adverse weather conditions.    The majority of the patients were found safe and well within the grounds of the hospital shortly afterward and other than requiring dry clothes and a warm environment were none the worse for wear.   Only one patient remains uncounted for at this time.   Mr Markus Kollman, 42, is described as a man of medium height and build with unkempt dark hair and blue eyes.   He is not considered dangerous but police urge anyone encountering Mr Kollman to contact them at once so that he can receive necessary care and be returned to safety.


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