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Aru-Kamis: CIty of the Lich King #BarbariansOfLemuria

In response to some positive feedback I've put together a short document detailing a setting I've been using for Barbarians of Lemuria (Mythic Edition, not that it matters).    This is one particular city in one particular country and it's a useful jumping off point for several different types of adventure.

It can become the home base for your heroes, or a final destination on a quest to discover dark horrors, or it can be the setting for adventure itself with plot hooks inherent in the setting for everything from palace intrigue, to cosmic horror, to street level skullduggery.

Use what you can, change, adapt, bend fold spindle etc and I hope it proves of interest.

If it does, I'd love to hear what works.



  1. Hi, taking a look at this. Thanks for sharing your BoL stuff! Great little system.


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