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Anyone fancy a new roleplaying campaign set in a dystopian isolated nation with a crumbling economy and a rising trend of fascism?

Oh yeah.  The UK does.

Achy Breaky Stability Check #nightsblackagents

In last night's session of Night's Black Agents a vampire nearly houseruled the system spontaneously by so clearly failing a stability test it took the Director- me- aback.

Okay so vampires don't make stability tests, nor did I roll one.   But it sure as hell felt like he failed one.

Here's a bit of backstory to set the context.

In 1917 Captain Nathaniel Soames was crippled during a shell attack in Belgium during the Great War.  His pelvis and legs were shattered and he was paralysed from the waist down, surviving only because he was dragged back from No Man's Land by a cockney infantryman Private Harry Sparrow.

Sparrow was an up and coming gangster in the immediate post war years and he was startled to be approached one evening by his former Captain, Soames, healthy as can be and offering Sparrow anything he wanted to set the balance straight.   Sparrow asked for prosperity for his band of miscreants and Soames promised him a century of unhindered dominance over …