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Red Shift Episode 5 - Calais - #nightsblackagents Play Highlights

Last night started nice and easy with a quiet interview in Star Logistics with the secretary, a bored woman named Jeanne who was happy to chat with the potential client - Rowan with a fake identity - and let slip about the infrequent all-night shifts that the boss and his drivers pulled.   Rowan also got a chance to sneak a closer look at the transit van parked up with its rear doors against the building wall... and noticed just how cold the air was as she passed close to it, and found herself flashing back to the hallucinatory shower of blood she experienced in Casablanca.

After that they tracked the gangster Danglars to an abandoned construction site and exercised some bad ass infiltration skills to move through that place like ghosts.   In the climactic scene of the evening Rowan located some of the trafficking victims and began escorting them out while Hans confronted their captors.     The captors, as it turned out, were not what they seemed to be.

The first, Janos, when covered by Hans' pistol just smiled, leaped to the wall and then to the ceiling and raced on all fours across the ceiling to drop down on Hans.   Hans pulled off some incredible rolls here, first for Stability and then for Shooting and Janos ended up face up on the floor, seemingly dead, with half a dozen bullets in him.   Shortly afterward though he was found on his belly, several feet away, as though he'd been crawling from the place where he fell.

The second guard, Istvan, proved a tougher opponent and he and Hans tussled to say the least.   A couple of bare handed blows from the Hungarian left Hans reeling and battered, while a few bullets and then Hans' hold out knife into Istvan's neck finally dropped Istvan to his knees.  In game terms Istvan was way negative on Health but not by any significant source...   at least until Danglars and his mooks burst into the building to help out their allies, and flooded the corridor with sunlight.

Istvan's last word "Fu.." came a second before his body burst into flames heralding the first Vampire destruction of the campaign.

The last twist came later as the pair returned to their patron, Professor Masson, in his home.  It became clear that the aged academic knew more about what he was sending them into than he'd let on.    This wasn't just some concerned citizen with money to burn and a dislike of crime...   But before they could probe much further their world turned upside down.    The next moment they opened their eyes and found Masson dead, the room on fire, Hans pressing his gun into his own head and empty shell cases on the floor.  Masson had been shot and slashed with some cutting weapon.   Sirens were blaring, and a glance at the clock showed that an hour had passed.

The pair fled, not wanting to have to deal with official entanglement and as they made it to safety Rowan found a handwritten note on her, giving an email address and a password.

That's where the session officially ended, but my players knowing the way I work actually decided to log on in real life to the gmail address they'd just been given.   Nothing in the inbox... nothing in the sent items... but in the Drafts section they found this:

I will never send this email.   I fear that any mail sent can be intercepted, can be monitored, can be changed or eliminated.   But I hope that I have had time to pass the details for this account to you, whoever you are.   

If I have done so then I know my time is short, and I am likely to be already dead.  I regret much and no doubt have cause to.

I have discovered that there are few people I can trust.   The enemy is ancient and cunning and inhuman and they have ways to bring under their control any man or woman they choose. They are everywhere and they are always scheming against the living.

Here I will record my notes in brief, the greater part of them are safely hidden with a friend.

Wild roses
Allium sativum
The light of the sun scorches them

Blanchard is a link for them I think.  Unknowing?  Why would they trust him?   His vehicles are useful. Haulage company accounts - very profitable - front.


L. reported dreaming of a great cat searching prowling round house unable to get in.

Of the sources encountered only Donald Templeton of Scotland Yard seems credible.  Advice useful.   Warns of their presence in London.  Hawkins Theatre.

"Old Firm"??  Chapel boys.   European gangs cutting into old territory, drugs, extortion. - Templeton suspects They are assisting.

Violence in Paris, manhunts.  Cover up?   Was government looking for Them?   Paranoia.  Am seeing Them everywhere now.

Running water - cannot be crossed except at certain times.   Oceans?  Link to tides?   How about beneath?

King in Yellow - a conceit of Chambers, mere fiction.  Why would T ask?

More than one strain of them?   Templeton reports vary from those of Zagreb and own observations.   Bloodlines?   Degenerates?

Now they have directly encountered Vampires and can't really lie to themselves any more about what they are up against.    They are on the run for a number of reasons including probably being implicated in the death of Professor Masson, but at least they now have some cryptic leads in the form of Masson's last message.

I guess the prologue is over.   Time for the hunt to start.


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