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History May Not Repeat, But Often Rhymes

Those old men in their towers, rich in gold and oil and powers  
Will never cry 'enough, I'm satisfied'
And they send out their town criers, and their skilful journaliars
And they cast their spell so trusted and so tried

See the other, over there? What they're doing is unfair
And their ways are wrong and evil and obscene
We must fear them and must hate them, and completely decimate them
For while they live the world is never clean

So they'll march boys off to war as they've marched them off before
And they beat the drums of falsehood and of shame
And if judgement's to be had between what's good and bad
then first you need to ask the killer's name
Recent posts

Jeepers Creepers

A creature for old school game systems (and others with a bit of tweaking) – inspired heavily by the explosive bastards from Minecraft Description
These shambling humanoids are composed of vegetable matter and exhibit a basic level of sentience. They have no language, no culture, they are effectively a means for the species to propogate itself. Originally encountered within the Minecraft game these silent and explosive monsters are a threat to anyone who ventures into the dark places of the world. Creepers are roughly human sized and human shaped (understandably given their origin- see below) but they are comprised entirely of a mottled green-brown fungal substance. Their bodies lack definition and fine detail, with lumpy misshapen faces and hands like they have been badly formed by a lazy worker in clay. Amid the fungal masses that make up the body are black specks with short sharp cactus like spines emerging from them. These are the spores that are disseminated by the creature to p…

Star Stones of Atar

A capsule setting for fantasy gaming The land of Atar is a land beset on every side by the forces of chaos and wildness. Lawless men and creatures from out of nightmare roam the land and the wilderness is a little explored new frontier. Only the Star Stones provide sanctuary.
The Star Stones are powerful artifacts whose origin is a source of speculation and superstition. Some say they were a gift from the gods. Some say they fell from the heavens. Some say they are the crystalline hearts of ancient immortal beings whose dreams created all things.
Nobody knows for sure where they came from but everything depends upon them. Each Star Stone is a gem or crystal the size of a man's head, of a shape that is hard to define and which seems to contain too many angles and facets. Each shines with its own light that seems to come from within it and the shadows of which extend in unnatural ways that make no sense.
Stones of Sanctuary Each Star Stone protects its surroundings from the chaos in …

Sorcerous Sigils

Being a treatment of the art of magic for sorcerers and their ilk for Lamentations of the Flame Princess and similar old school games – in short some House Rules that suit my style of play a little better.
Each sorcerer maintains a spellbook which is a working journal containing the details of the spells he or she knows. Each spell consists of a complex geometric form or sigil that the caster must visualise as he or she reinforces the form with gesture and spoken incantation.
If the spellbook is lost or destroyed the sorcerer can recreate it but this will take time - one 8 hour workday per spell per level.
Studying The sorcerer must revise from the spellbook for at least an hour each day, practising forming the sigils. If the sorcerer is not able to do this - either because of time constraints or the lack of access to their spellbook - then spellcasting becomes a greater effort for them. They can cast only half the normal number of spells per spell level each day until this …

Hey, you. Yes, you!

Hey.I’m sending you an image.   It will reach you somehow.You’ve been unresponsive since we got you back from the enemy, but the doctors say your mind is active in a  dream prison they made for you.  A life so real you can’t escape it.    Reasons to stay there.   I don’t know what dream it is but my words have to reach you.  Maybe you’ll hear them, or read them in a book.  Maybe on a screen.You have to walk through the door to wake up.  The door in the image.Please.  Do it now.

One from the (secret) vaults.

Yesterday I mentioned to a friend that before “A Step Beyond Context” I’d been working on a novel set in an early-Victorian magical subculture in England – but that I’d abandoned it because I couldn’t get the pacing right and it was too long and drawn out.I decided to dig it out just to take another look at it (and show off some of the good ideas lurking in there) and discovered that I’d already redrafted it, sorted out the pacing and made it a lot narrower in focus and a better work as a result.I have no memory of doing that.  At all.  And it’s about 75,000 words.   I was not in a good place (as they say) at the time but even so you’d think I would have remembered at least doing something.   Maybe the fairies did it overnight in exchange for me leaving out saucers of milk.I had a good time reading through it but was baffled.

Lamentations of 1666

Now that I’ve discovered the Homebrewery I’m getting carried away with prettying up some otherwise drab notes and handouts.This link HERE will take you to a work in progress document that summarises (so far) the 17th century apocalyptic Europe setting I’m working on, and also a sample antagonist that fits (the dreaded Inquisitors and their minions)